If you seek God and seek Him for your own profit and bliss, then in truth you are not seeking God. (German sermon 11, trans M.OíC. Walshe)


A varied programme of events

The Eckhart society runs an interesting programme of events, you can find out more within this section, both information on our forthcoming events and/or details of the proceedings of previous events.


Eckhart Society Conference

The 29th Eckhart Conference will take place from 9-11 September 2016 at High Leigh Conference Centre, Lord Street, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 8SG tel: 01992 463016, on the theme Eckhart and Dominican Preaching

Special Eckhart events in Erfurt

September 28th - Oct 1st

Eckhart lectio/disscussion group meeting

58a Teignmouth Rd. London NW2 4DX.

From 2 till 4pm once a month: May 14th, Jul 9th, Sep 17th and Nov 12th. Free of charge.


Find out more about upcoming Eckhart Society events.