You should know that God must act and pour Himself into the moment He finds you ready. (German sermon 4, trans M.OC. Walshe)


Conferences 2013

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A letter received from the Master of the Dominican Order

At the 2013 Eckhart Society Conference, Vivian Boland OP, who was representing the Master of the Dominican Order, read out this letter from the Master

Meister Eckhart Gesellschaft Conference 2013

Imagery and the Language of Images in Meister Eckhart and in his Time.

New Books 2012

Vinzent, Markus The Art of Detachment  Peeters, Leuven 2011

Medieval Mystical Theology

Change of publisher

The Eckhart Review

The Eckhart Review has now been renamed and expanded. Its new title is Medieval Mystical Theology

Eckhart, Complete Mystical Works

The long out of print English translation of Meister Eckhat's German Works was republished on 1 November 2009

Special Purchase

Special Purchase

The Eckhart society can now offer Introducing Meister Eckhart by Michael Demkovich OP at a special low price.

Readings on the web relating to Eckhart.

Readings on You Tube

Four short readings from Eckhart and a book about Eckhart are now available on You Tube

Conference Venue

In 2013 the Annual /Conference will take place at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hodesden, Hertfordshire. See fuller entry on Events page  under Eckhart Society Conference

New Books

New books published



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