Here God enters the soul with His all, not merely with a part: God enters here the ground of the soul. (German sermon 1, trans M.OC. Walshe)

Welcome to the Eckhart Society

The Eckhart Society is dedicated to the study and promotion of the principles and teachings of Meister Eckhart, a medieval theologian, philosopher and mystic.

The Society is committed to the highest possible standards in scholarship and spirituality – which was also the goal of the Meister. It welcomes all, no matter of what faith or none, to whom Meister Eckhart is of interest

It publishes a Review and a series of newsletters. There is a three day annual Conference with speakers drawn from amongst the foremost scholars in Eckhart studies as well as those from related disciplines and other religions

 The Society’s aims can be summarised as:

 To promote both understanding and appreciation of Eckhart’s Writings

To facilitate Scholarly research into Eckhart’s life and works

To promote the study of Eckhart’s teaching as a contribution to interreligious dialogue.



Truth in Spirituality

Meister Eckhart: Truth in Spirituality

Online Half-Day Event - 25th July 2020 9am-12noon (New York) / 2pm-5pm (London) / 3pm-6pm (Paris)


33rd Annual Conference is now postponed to 27th - 29th August 2021. Venue, speakers and title are unchanged.