Eckhart Society Conference - 2014

The 27th Annual Conference of The Eckhart Society 5-7 September 2014

   on the theme of

Eckhart and Biblical Interpretation

   The titles and speakers were:

  • Eckhart and Aquinas on Exodus 3:14; Exegesis or Eisegesis
       - Prof. Robert Dobie
    (read by Martin Riley)
  • From Letter to Spirit: Eckhart and the Medieval Tradition of Biblical Exegesis
       - Dr. Joseph Milne
  • Inverted Interpretation: Eckhart's Christ and Metaphors of Medieval Biblical Exegesis
       - Dr. Duane Williams
  • Out of Context: Eckhart's Scriptural Excursions
       - Dr. Rebecca Stephens

   The conference took place at:

High Leigh Conference Centre,
Lord Street,
Hertfordshire   EN11 8SG


Full Residential fee Price: £250

Non Residential fee (includes meals) Price: £155

  • The papers & recordings will be published at a later date, with more details available via this site or more directly to members of the Society.

.   .   .
Please Note: the 28th Annual Conference will be held 4-6 September 2015,
Hinsley Hall, Leeds, on the theme of Eckhart & Divine Justice


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