Eckhart's Grounding - At Home to Self and God

Eckhart's Grounding - At Home to Self and God

Online Half-Day Event - 28th November 2020

9am-12noon (New York) / 2pm-5pm (London) / 3pm-6pm (Paris)
One of the most powerful images in Meister Eckhart's German sermons is of the 'ground': a place of the utmost interiority where she is most at home to herself, and most receptive of God.  Going beyond concepts such as 'soul', 'heart' or 'self', the ground is a state of uncreated divinity within, a portal into the very heart of God: "God’s ground is my ground and my ground God’s ground."
During this interactive discussion we will gather to consider what Eckhart's 'grounding' has to teach and offer us today, as a place of self-knowledge and spiritual encounter.
We will hear and read through a key sermon together, and there will be periods of silence, reflection and discussion throughout the half-day.
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