Eckhart Review, No. 10, 2001

Eckhart Review, No. 10 2001

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Papers and talks given at the Thirteenth Conference of the Eckhart Society held at Plater College,Oxford,England 25-27 August 2000

Obituary Peter Talbot Wilcox
An Introduction by the Chairman of the Eckhart Society
Spiritual Aspects of Detachment, Bill Kirkpatrick
"How should I love God": Eckhart, Duns Scotus and Thomas Aquinas on how to Rumble Idolatories, Denys Turner
The Affective Eckhart, John Orme Mills OP
Eckhart's Apophatic Ethics, Amy Hollywood
Eckhart, Kabbalah, and the Limits of Psychological Enquiry,
Brian L. Lancaster
The Eckhart Society Prize Essay 2000
George Wilson
Bibliography, Nicklaus Largier


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