Eckhart Review, No. 7, 1998

Eckhart Review, No. 7 1998

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Out of print: photocopies available

Papers and Talks given at the Tenth Conference of the Eckhart Society held at Plater College, Oxford, England, 29 - 31 August, 1997

Some Legendary Aspects of Meister Eckhart: The Aphorisms of the Twelve Masters, Wolfgang Wackernagel
"I recognize in Meister Eckhart My Master, the Master": Karl Graf Durkheim (1896-1986), Margaret Collier-Bendelow
Theological Anthropology of Meister Eckhart and St. John of the Cross, Edward Howells
The Apocryphal Followers of Meister Eckhart, Saskia Murk Jansen



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