There is a power in the soul which touches neither time nor flesh, flowing from the spirit, remaining in the spirit, altogether spiritual. (German sermon 7, trans M.O�C. Walshe)

Grasping the Nettle:A Positive Approach to Pain

Grasping The Nettle: A Positive Approach to Pain
Ursula Fleming

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 THis book explains for lay people and professionals  working on pain therapy, the method developed by Ursula Fleming which has been used to help people to deal with pain and fear of terminal cancer, to relieve post-operative  pain and distress, to help nurses to take blood from patients after repeated efforts to do so had failed, to calm small children who were ill and frightened. It has been used successfully  by people taking exams or a driving test, actors suffering from nerves, tennis players, the bereaved, those suffering from depression, coming off drugs or giving up alchohol or smoking. It has even helped women who had difficulty in conceiving because  they were inhibited by anxiety. 

The Research study on Ursula's work under the aegis of Dr Robert Twycross at the Sobell House Hospice was published in the Practitioner in 1985 and she worked for many years at the Royal Free Hospital in London

"We are not helpless in the face of pain for we can survive and overcome it. We have an innate power of adaptation in the world around us , but we are so convinced that our only option is to try to avoid pain that we rarely consider any alternative."   





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